Friday, July 28, 2017

Clutter Busting Challenge July 2017

I'm purging 45 items which includes 7 things that we forgot to take a picture of. We are passed on a few recent purchases or things that we given to us too.

My purge pile:

Basically most of these items were freebees. This includes 2 bookmarks we were gives during our trip in Gettysburg, a gift box for a necklace I bought in Gettysburg, and 4D movie glasses from Hershey. A bag from a rain coat. A bag drink that we don't want. A glass our daughter was given during a wine tasting event. A funnel that didn't work for what we wanted. A few belt that didn't fit.

These are candles bought from thrift stores over the years. I've realized that we prefer jar candles.  Lesson learned.

I'm passing on our vase and candy jar that I used for the tabelescape to celebrate our 25th Anniversary on June 6th.  You can't see it very well but they both say "Happy 25th Anniversary". I hope a couple celebrating their 25th within the next year finds them to enjoy during their celebration.

I bought these vinegar jars almost a year ago and never used them. A shirt with a hole.

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