Tuesday, December 13, 2016

KonMari Week 24: Sentimental Part 1

I'm working on the sentimental category of Letters, Cards, School Mementos, and other Memories items besides photos. This area was in pretty good shape. I straighten things up and took pictures but didn't have anything to discard. Everything from this category is stored in the basement.

Our 4 young adult children smaller memory totes. The crate of school/homeschool memories for the kids. They each have am accordion folder and a notebook in the crate.

My husband and I, smaller memory totes.

My small memory box. I'll probably need a new box this coming year. I don't think one small box is too bad for being 44 yrs. It has my childhood paper stuff in it too.

I keep this box for my memory keeping in my closet. I thin it out when it gets full and move stuff into the plastic tote in the basement. My husband has one too. The kids had shoe boxes in their bedrooms while growing up to collect their things.

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