Wednesday, December 21, 2016

KonMari Week 25: Sentimental Part 2

This week I should be working on the sentimental category of photos and albums. I haven't had the time to work on them so I'm sharing what I did in October.

I worked on our Family Photo Boxes over a couple days. I used sticker labels and rubber number stamps to create the Year labels on the paperboard dividers. I used a scrapbook matstack and vellum stickers for the Event/Celebration dividers. I'll need to buy another matstack to create enough dividers. Once the last box of photos is sorted I can add the dividers between the photos. I used what I had to create both sets of dividers so far. The total spend on the Family Photo Boxes has been $26 which was the paperboard and the 6 boxes. I used half the paperboard that I bought so that will be used for future projects.

I'm hoping to fit 27 years into the 6 boxes. I currently have 12 years worth of pictures in 2 1/2 boxes. That's without the dividers added yet. I have 15 years of digital pictures that aren't printed yet. Those will be a lot harder to fit due to volume so I'll be selective and not print them all. I’ll buy more boxes if needed but I’m hoping to not have to do that. I'm praying that I can get this project finished before June 2017 to Celebrate our 25th Silver Anniversary.

 Before: The Year paperboard dividers.

After: the Year labels on the paperboard dividers.



The Event/Celebration matstack dividers.


One of the boxes of sorted photos. 

An empty box.

This is big pictures in the white envelope, loose scrapbook pages with pictures, our wedding album, notebooks with  scrapbook pages in sleeves, my husband's childhood album, our children's baby books, and my childhood album. I'll eventually not have the loose scrapbook pages or the 2 notebooks, once I add those pictures to the boxes.

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