Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Felt Crafting Supplies

I spent time today organizing my felt crafting supplies. I was really into felt crafting several years back but haven't done much since. I'm planning to get back into it and wanted to make my supplies easier to use. I'm think of getting into making and selling crafts. 

The rolling cart was being used as a place to store extra fabric crafting supplies. The plastic container on the top was my felt crafting box. I had my in-progress projects stored with my cross-stitch. I had been wondering what to do with the rolling cart. I've been slowly been purging stuff from it and was wondering if it was headed toward donation. Today was the day to collect my felt crafting from their multiple locations and make them have a better home. It's always good to store your stuff in one location so you can find what you need and know what you have. Unfortunately, it takes time to know how to pull everything together and what container to use. At one time the plastic container on top was all I needed.

All the supplies spread out while I make stacks of each color of felt.

The felts that I don't use or need are being donated.

I have 4 unfinished felt projects that were started about 4-5 years ago.

1. Small Scissors Case ( I did complete 5 of them.)
2. Leaf Garland
3. Small Christmas Stockings
4. Bird Garland

I've decide to use a Vera Bradley ereader case for my supplies.

The rolling cart labeled with all my felt organized inside. I put my unfinished projects into the drawers on top of the extra felt based the the main color of the project. The Vera supply case is in the top drawer.

I put the stuff that had previously been in the rolling cart that weren't felting supplies away into my craft office. The plastic box is empty. I'll have to decide what to do with it another day but for now it's back on my craft shelf.

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