Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How I Organize My Papercraft Projects

One thing that has helped me to feel like I have time for paper crafting is to collect t...he supplies for each project together. My having the project in one place allows me to get to work quickly without having to pull out all my supplies. This also helped me to figure out what supplies I could purge because I had no current/future projects in mind. 

If I have a project I can pull out a stack of coordinating paper and put all the embellishments into a Ziploc bag. I do have to add things as I go along and realized what I need but having stuff gathered before hand is a great start. I like to coordinate my whole projects by theme rather than each page by an individual theme. This helps to simplify the project. I used this idea 4 months ago with my tea themed paperbag book that had sat undone for 3 years. It’s now is finished.

How I Organized my Tea Themed paperbag book:

Gathering my papers and embellishments.

My paperbag book that sat undone for 3 yrs.The book before I starting filling it up.

My embellishments bagged up. The main papers were cut and glued into my book.

I was nearing the end and needed a list of what still needed done.

My completed book. 

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