Monday, July 7, 2014

Junk Journals

The Junk Journals I have started are a Blessings Journal, 41 Wishes Journal, and a Celebrating the Seasons Journal. I will share the details of my journals at another time. Today I am sharing the basics of junk journaling.

 My Celebrating the Seasons Themed Junk Journal:


To make Junk Journals you can basically use whatever you want; buy something new, use what you have, or use recycled materials. I’ve seen journals made out of paper bags, envelopes, spiral notebooks, cardboard, cereal box cardboard, old books, and scrapbooks made with heavy card-stock. Think scrapbook, diary, and doodle pad rolled in one with no set plan.  

You will want to gather supplies such as:
adhesive- tape or glue
assorted colored paper
stamps or stickers
writing or art supplies- pens, markers, colored pencils, 

Some of the things you can add inside your journal are envelopes, file dividers, index cards, cardboard, pages from books, cut up magazines, pretty cards, calendar pages, booklets and pamphlets. You can use all junk or a lot of scrapbook supplies.

Journals can have themes or just be random they usually include quotes, scripture, prayers, blessings, and journal entries. 
I have a collection of ideas on my Pinterest page:

For those that do junk journals, smash journals, etc....what kind of journal do you use? What are your favorite supplies and inserts?

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