Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Home

We have owned our old 5 bedroom farmhouse for 12 yrs. and have raised our 4 children 25 DD, 22 DD, 21 DS, and 18 DS. We currently have 6 adults including my husband and I, our 2 sons, 1 girlfriend, and my elderly stepdad. We have a 2,382 sq. ft. home with an unfinished basement which is 480 sq. ft., 3 car garage, and a shed. This is the biggest home with the most storage space that we have ever had before. In our previous homes we never had a basement, or a garage and was probably closer to 1,000 sq. ft..

We are slowly repainting every room and so far we have done all the bedrooms. I have redecorated each room as I have gone along only spending $100-200 per room except the master. I went though each room and made a list of what I wanted to fix and buy.  I decide on my color scheme based on things I already owned and added to it by shopping at thrift stores, rummage sales, and yard sales.  
I am working on redoing my living room and so far have repaired our old entertainment center, bought new pillows, purged decorations and added newer ones, took down a shelf above the main window. I have purged more than I have added at this point and it already looks fresher.

I pull out a small amount at a time such as one drawer, one tote, or one section of a closet. I make sure that its reasonable for me to finished within 15-30 minutes and pull out more if I want to continue working. It helps me to not get overwhelmed and make a bigger mess. It works for me.

As a young mom it was hard until someone shared with me and it changed my attitude. I'm doing it for my loved ones as an act of love and service which is the most highest calling you can have. I pray for my family as I do my work around the house. I've been doing it for over 20 years with grace and love.

We've lived small and will again after the kids are finished leaving home. Once its just my husband and I we are selling the big house for a small 2 bedroom ranch. We would like a smaller space but more luxury. We would like a master bedroom with closets and a bathroom. The bedrooms are large in this home but we have small awkward closets. We have one small bathroom for 6 people with no storage. We would like a fireplace. We would like an open floor plan so we can have our family over to our small home but not feel crowded.

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