Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Activity Bags

I have several packed bags for activities I do. I have a yoga duffle bag, zumba drawstring bag, library tote bag, homeschool tote bag, book bag, and an On-the-Go bag that I use for activities to do while I am waiting. I keep all my bags packed and put them in my van the night before the activity after I have made sure everything I need is in them and then back into the house when I am finished. Most of my bags never need unpacked so I can just put them away as soon as I get home except my On-the-Go bag because sometimes I throw in a couple magazines or the current book I am reading. For the Library bag I look up on the libraries website my account and renew things and then fill my bag with anything that needs returned before I put it in the van. My homeschool bag I load with my teaching plans and my sons stuff the night before co-op class.

My yoga duffle bag and zumba drawstring bag I store in my closet. My book bag sits on my desk and my on-the-go bag is on a hook behind my office door. My library tote bag is on a hook by the back door. My homeschool tote bag is in the basement hanging on a nail near our school supplies. I need these things every week sometimes more than once so this just makes sense to me to have them ready to go instead of having the stuff scattered around the house and having to pack before I go. This is something I have done since my first diaper bag 24 years ago and my grown kids still do this for their stuff. They grew up knowing if it’s time for soccer, 4-H, library, co-op class they need their own bags in the car and mostly their bags were stored on hooks in their closets.

Here are just a few:

My On-the-Go Bag

A Small Notebook- I use this notebook to make list of projects I am working on. Zipped Pencil Pocket- In the pocket I have a bookmark, yellow marker, pen, pencil, notepad, paperclips, glue stick, scissors, and a card. A Book- I always have a craft or how-to book that I want to read or do a project from and usually have more than one book. Magazines, Wordfind book, Craft Projects- I carry small craft projects that can be done on the go. I bag up each project in a kit so that I have everything I need to work on the project together. Snacks- I currently have a box of tissue, a bottle of water, 2 water flavor tubes, baggie of instant coffee or tea making supplies, candy, breath mints, and a breakfast bar that I carry in the pockets.

My Book Bag

A current book, craft project, chapstick, and notepad.

My Yoga Bag

I have straps, blocks, stretchy bands, gliders, weights, knit cloths, mat, and a small bag for hair ties, deodorant, and lotion. I also have a small amount of money to pay for a class if I forget.


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