Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Magazine Project

 I had a really large collecting of magazines in February of 2011 something like 8 banana boxes worth in my basement which you can read about at 52 Weeks: #5 Magazine Storage & 52 Weeks: #6 Magazine Organization. I had made it into a project for the summer of getting them all donated, read, and cutout and it took me a little over a year to complete the project. I donated the ones that didn't look interesting and then put the others in order by month. I sometimes just took a stack or half a box and donated them if I felt that it was just too many but most of them I read through. I would read the old magazines in the corresponding month along with any new ones and then donate them at the end of the month.  This way I could use the current month’s ideas and cut out the pages of what I wanted to add to my seasonal notebooks or interest notebooks. I would keep a stack of 10 magazines next to my bed and a stack of 10 in my little office along with 5 magazines in my On-the-Go bag.

I rip out pages to put into my notebooks and also cut out and save some of the pictures in the magazines to use for scrapbook pages, junk journals, or other paper crafting projects. If I find a recipe I look it up online and then cut and paste into a word document and place it in my recipe notebook. That was I do not have tons of cut recipes and a uniform look to my recipe notebook. However I will cut out the recipes for my seasonal notebooks.
I have a rule now that I can’t own more than 20 magazines and have a basket I store them in next to my bed. I try to read at least one or two a week to get caught up on them. If I think they have sat to long without me reading them then I will grab 5 and spend an afternoon reading. I started prettying up my notebooks in November but haven't finished. I have only 2 magazine subscriptions and use the library or websites. I like to borrow magazines now from the library and return them two weeks later. It took a little over a year but now I have No Magazine Clutter.

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