Friday, May 24, 2013

Clutter Busting Challenge: Update #3

While you are tackling the months and years of accumulated stuff, try to stay current with today's stuff. Open, sort, and file mail daily. Hang up your clothes when you take them off. Clean up the kitchen every night after dinner. And for every new thing you bring into your home, send 5 things out until you get your belongings down to a more manageable level.

I did a lot of purging this week in my basement, the garden area, and office/craft room. Most days I collected more that 7 things and I am happy to have so much stuff out of my house.

The things I got rid of since my last update:

2 pillows, an art easel, popcorn maker, book, baggie of creamer, and a wooden container.

A bunch of garden stuff.

11 containers.

4 wreaths, 2 blue bows, 2 checkered towels, a red bow, a little basket, a baggie of wreath making supplies, a candy tree container, a basket, and 6 small figurines.

fabric, 3 stencils, flower dying powder, a basket of shells, and a green piece of something.

a whole lot of odd craft supplies.

6 craft/art kits.

2 plastic tablecloths, and 4 placemats.

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My List of Things that went into the trash:

A big stack of papers
damp paper bags
some craft stuff
some garden stuff

This stuff filled a tall kitchen trash bag.

Submitted to: Money Saving Mom

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