Friday, May 17, 2013

Clutter Busting Challenge: Update #2

Decluttering has made me more mindful of how much excess stuff can hinder our relationship with God and others, along with our ability to truly use and enjoy our stuff. It takes me less time to clean and organize when I have less. I find that having less helps me to have time for the fun stuff such as baking, reading, crafting etc. I love to cook and bake but I do not need 15 cookbooks with maybe a handful of recipes that I like instead I am working on typing them up and organizing them into notebooks and donating the cookbooks. Less is more not only with time but in usability.

The things I got rid of since my last update:

I found 9 craft books to donate to the library.

2 containers of Metamucil, a ball, 2 mini nail polishes, a pair of pants, and a pair of shorts.

7 books more books.

3 bags that we used for library trips at one time, and 4 food containers.

4 folders, a notepad, a clipboard, and a zipped pouch with stuff in it.

A set notebook tabs, 3 zippered pouches, a ant farm, my old eye glasses, and sparkling water no one liked.

10 Bible Study books.

My List of Things that went into the trash:

A big stack of old homeschool papers
a bag of containers

This stuff filled a tall kitchen trash bag.

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