Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Simplifying Christmas~Christmas Cards

The Simplifying Christmas Meme is hosted by Heather at Heart of a Mommy. If you would like to participate, or just read about how others are Simplifying Christmas, click here. Today's Topic is about Christmas Cards.

I love to receive Christmas Cards and we usually get 5-10 cards every year. I like to mail my cards because I know everyone likes to get good mail sometimes especially older people who may not get much company. We tape the cards we get to a door in the kitchen for everyone to see. I encourage my family to pray for the families who send us cards. Before Christmas we pray for anyone that had not sent us a card so we don’t forget anyone. We are sending 13 Christmas card this year. We have always kept it small so that it would never be a burden or huge expense. To keep the cost of the cards low I watch for them in thrift stores or yard sales and never spend more than $1.00 for a stack. I do make sure to use a card that proclaims the Savior’s birth or I write a scripture on it if it doesn’t. I consider it a ministry to be able to witness ever so small to our unsaved family and friends. I will never stop send cards if only for this purpose.

This is our card this year:

May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with peace and happiness.
“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

This year we are sending to:
My Family-Dad, Mom, Dad, Sister & family, Sister& family, and Aunt & family
My Husbands Family-Mom, Dad, Brother & family, Uncle & family, and Cousin & family
Mutual-Family Friends #1 and Family Friends #2
I like to fill a basket with my cards, rubber stamps and cheap dollar store stickers. I make out my cards the weekend after Thanksgiving and mail them on December 1st. My kids are more than welcome to make out a card for a friend or two that they usually hand deliver.

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  1. I absolutely love your idea of praying for the families of the cards you receive and don't receive.. I believe this is a wonderful time to show our unsaved family and friends the love of Christ.. What a blessing you are to your loved ones.. Merry Christmas!


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