Thursday, December 3, 2009

Home: Fun!

I am joining Monica in her Lady Wisdom Series this week. Today's theme was Fun and here is my list for today:

Quiet Time: Tea Time with God pg 14&15

Breakfast: Chocolate Silk Coffee (Folgers), Oatmeal Banana Cookies, and Peach Yogurt
Read: I started a new book A Carol for Christmas by Robin Lee Hatcher

Laundry: Wash, fold, and put away 1 load of husbands & I laundry (You might have notice I do not do the kids laundry. They do their own when they turn 13 therefore I have no kid laundry to do any more.)
Tidy, tidy, tidy! I walk around my house and put everything away that is out of place each morning and again before bed.

Kitchen: Cleaned out the refrigerator, and then I set up my Noel Tablescape

Computer: read blogs & check email

Lunch: Leftovers

Kitchen: Pick up the kitchen and put things away.
(You may have noticed I have not done any dishes except Monday. That is because it is son #2’s week to do kitchen chores. We rotate chores Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom, Living Room, and School Room between the kids and I. Whoever is assign to that room for the week does anything and everything needed to be done in that room for the week. We have a detailed list posted on the side of the fridge for each room but mostly they just know what is expected. The detailed cleaning in each room that I am doing this week is a seasonal project I do. I don’t always require them to help but most of the time they do in some way.)

Kitchen: Prep desserts for the Dip/Appetizer Party. Have each of my kids make a dip or appetizer. Print recipes for them.
Dinner: Baked Potatoes Bar

SWAM: Students With A Mission group meeting Dip/Appetizer Party at our house. We give prizes to the teens based on a quality checklist. We gave our cookie plates to the kids as they left along with a token gift.
Computer: blog

Tidy, tidy, tidy! My before bed routine.

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