Saturday, April 21, 2018

Outdoor Yard Overhaul

It's that time of year to do an Outdoor Overhaul on my yard. I don't usually start working on my yard until Mother's Day weekend but wanted to start early this year. I'll do what I can before then in cold snowy/rainy Ohio. I'll buy about $50 worth of vegetable plants and flowers in May, once it warms up. I don't plan to spend on anything else but will look to see what I can find for free along the way. I wish we could afford to create a large patio or deck with a pergola along the back of the house but it's not in the budget. We had 6 mature trees in our yard and all except 2 have been taken down due to rot. The other 2 trees need removed so we'll ask around to see if we can get them removed for free by someone who wants firewood. I have lawn furniture and decor on the front porch but it needs cleaned up. The lawn furniture for the backyard is stored in the barn for the winter.

Our backyard from the side entrance patio. 


The backside of the house and our firepit.

The weeds need removed around the shed and the squirrel feeder need straightened.

I need to till and clean up my vegetable garden. I need to plant vegetables in mid-May. We collected free bricks last fall from someone giving them away for free. We hope to eventually have enough to build a patio along the back of the house.


I had a vegetable garden along the shed for many years but let it grow in the last couple years. I still have a blackberry bush and it needs trimmed and tied up.

My front and side gardens. The perennials that I had planted have been killed off by an invasive ground cover. I need to remove the bulb plants and transplant them to the garden along the front porch. I had clematis on the wire trellises but they didn't come back last year.

The garden on the side of the house. The tree needs removed, it was planted too close to the house.


Our front porch and bulb garden along the porch.

The tree in the front of our house.

Our house from the street taken in October 2014.

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