Friday, August 25, 2017

Clutter Busting Challenge August 2017

I'm purging 22 items. I've noticed that I'm purging about 30 items each month things this year. It may not seems like a lot but after being on this journey for 6 yrs. 8 months I'm thankful that I've maintained the habit of discarded unneeded items. I know that I will never have to deal with such a monster task of discarding so much again. At the height of my decluttering I was donating over 2,000 items per month for a couple years. I no longer need to go searching for thing to discard. I run across stuff randomly and add them to a bag to donate. At one time I'd spend an hour a day collecting things to discard. I don't spend anytime at all on it now. I'm happy that I never have to deal with a backlog of stuff. My home is always clutterfree.

My purge pile:

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