Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Project Week!

I’ve decide the week of April 1st-7th to challenge myself to get a few projects off my list. I’ve gotten stuff done over the month of March but not as much as the previous 2 months. It’s time to kick it into gear! I’d welcome anyone who wants to join in doing whatever is needed around your place. What cleaning, purging, or projects do you need to get done? Let’s Organize Now to Make Room for LIFE!

On April 1st, I think I’ll start on my Outdoor Project list in the yard and gardens. I need to weed and clean up beds, remove leaves from the basement window wells, pickup sticks from the yard, and cut up a stack of tree limbs. I have identified the things that are going to the dump during our Village Spring clean week at the end of April.

On my Project: House list for March I have a list of basement maintenance/repairs. We haven’t got those done yet. I’ll ask my husband if he wants to tackle the list together this weekend.
I’ll plan to work on my Photo/Memory Keeping list by doing my photo boxes over the week too. I’ve finished removing all our printed pictures from albums and have put them in the 6 boxes that I bought at the end of February. I need to put the pictures in order, make dividers for years/events/holidays, along with labeling and decorating the dividers. I’ve already went through my sticker collection and picked what I want to use to decorate the dividers. I have a big stack of card stock to make the dividers so I have all the supplies needed.
I’ll have to see what else I can get done in a week’s time.

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