Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

Day 1: I packed water for myself and a hot tea for both my husband and I. I met my husband in the cafe at his work for lunch. My husband really likes their Panini Sandwich day.

I went to the nursing home to visit my stepdad for 2 ½ hours. I took him candy from my daughter and I read some of my Christmas devotional to him, we talked, and watched a Christmas movie. I took my activity bag so that I would have something to do if he was sleeping. He does sometimes sleep the whole time I’m visiting. I took a name from the giving tree and plan to purchase the gift soon.  Annabelle asked for a music CD of soft music. 

Day 2: I wrote notes to my husband and left them around his office to find.

Day 3: I wrote my son Shawn Jr. and his fiance Sarah notes.

Day 4: I wrote my son Brandon a note. 

Day 5: We went to Wendy’s for lunch. I taped jokes for kids on the back of the bathroom doors. I helped a little girl get ketchup and I held the door for several groups of customers.

Day 6: I sent ice cream cups home with my grand babies when the left after family dinner.

Day 7: I delivered the gift for the adopted a senior at the nursing home. They will pass out gifts to all residents closer to Christmas. I did find out that the nursing home resident that I purchased the gift for has passed away and my gift will be given to some one else.

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