Thursday, November 12, 2015

Making the Everyday Special

It can be hard to pass up what you want for what you know is better for you in the long run. I think the trick is to plan fun things, treats, and simple luxuries that don't cost any or much money. Find the ways that you spend money regularly and find an alternative.

You have to change your routine to prepare meals at home, read the books you already own, watch a movie at home with popcorn and drinks. If you’re used to buying lunch in the cafĂ©, you need to make a nice packed lunch to enjoy. Make coffee and a simple breakfast at home instead of the coffee shop. Do afternoon tea with dessert on a Saturday. That pretty nail polish that you want, you probably have one at home you’ve barely used yet. That necklace that is so cute, you probably have a small jewelry store in your jewelry box. Organize and rearrange what you own to make it a special experience to use. Creating rituals into your day is the key that makes things special.

What can you do with your time instead of buying?

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