Monday, March 30, 2015

March Photo Challenge Week 4

Day 22: Meal- I'm planning out my week while I eat my leftover Piada. I like to get the bowl and eat it for 3 meals. I get the pasta, chicken, every topping, and Alfredo sauce in my bowl.

Day 23: Spring Cleaning- I spring cleaned my laundry room last week. I bought a few plants and replanted them in pots that I had. I gathered all my plants to display on my laundry room shelf. Our laundry room is the main entrance into our home. I like to keep it looking good.

Day 24: Organized- My closet is one of my favorite things in our home. I like to keep it organized.

Day 25: Favorites- My favorite genre is Christian Historical fiction. My favorite topic the last couple years for non-fiction has been minimalism, rightsizing your life, simplicity, slow living, non-consumer, zero waste. This is what I'm currently reading.

 Day 26: To Do- I'm putting the Garage on my young adult children's To Do List for April. They need to stack their storage neatly instead of everything being dumped and scattered.

Day 27: Time Management- I'm managing my time this week while getting ready for Easter. My grandkids treats are ready to go. My almost 3 yrs. granddaughter is getting a sticker book and a craft. My 1 yrs. grandson is getting a book. They are each getting 6 eggs with a piece of candy in each.

Day: 28 Fun!- My granddaughter in her homemade paper bunny costume That she made with her aunt.

 Day 29: Outdoors- Waiting for the beauty of spring to bloom.

Day 30: Page Marker- I'm using this page marker to draw my attention to the next important day or holiday that I need to plan for. My planner runs Sunday - Saturday. I have it at Easter and my oldest daughter's 26th birthday this coming week. I'll move it to the first week of May next for my step-dad's 89th birthday and my granddaughter's 3rd.

Day 31: Monthly Planning- One of the things I like to do for my monthly planning is create a bucket list of 5 simple things to do. I got paint chip cards at the store and used small brad's to attach to each month in my planner.

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