Thursday, November 20, 2014

Plans for Thanksgiving Week

I serve 10-15 people every Holiday. We will have all the kids home for Thanksgiving. I need to make the menu and shopping list for this weekend. I have a ritual for the Holidays and adjust it based on the holiday and the days leading up. I'll follow the same basic routine for Christmas week with additional stuff added throughout the month. 

Thanksgiving week: 

I do a deep clean in the living room, kitchen/dining, and bathroom. I clean the fridge and make sure leftovers get eaten before Wednesday. I make candy and fill the candy dishes.

I have my kids clean up their computer areas and I deep clean the family room. I bake cookies and place on serving trays. I make desserts and token gifts.

I bring in the extra table and chairs from the garage, wash the tablecloths, set the extra table in family room. I set up the side counter for desserts, set the bunch bowl and serving utensils on the kitchen counter. I make the side dishes and appetizers.

I set the kitchen table. I make the main meat and heat sides. Set up the food on the kitchen counters and appetizers on the table. I clean up the kitchen after dinner and wash dishes.

We relax, hangout in our pajamas, eat thanksgiving leftovers, listen to Christmas music, and watch movies. 

I return the extra table and chairs from the garage. I wash any extra dishes and return serving pieces to storage. I pick up the living room and family room.

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