Friday, February 28, 2014

Clutter Busting Challenge February 2014

Useless stuff is so energy-robbing! We can stress ourselves out so much over cleaning and organizing when we have too much. When you have less to deal with it is very freeing. You have less stuff cluttering your mind.

I found a few things to get rid this month with the help of my son Brandon and my husband Shawn.The first three picture are my donations except the heater, the pillow are my sons, and the others are from my husband.

Feather Boa, Plastic Containers, bookmark, Markers, and a Mini Heater

Basket, Toiletry Containers, and Valentine Cups

Plastic basket, 2 shirts, and a Valentine Candy Box


Christmas Clearance Stuff

Computer Stuff

Booklets, Cups, Computer Stuff, and Nail Polish

CD Holder

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