Thursday, November 21, 2013

Daily Focus: Home Office Day

In My Husbands Office:

For our home paperwork we have a 2 drawer filing cabinet in my husband’s small office. I throw away junk mail as soon as it comes in the door and put bills in a box. We make sure to file any new papers as soon as we get them so they don’t build up because it causes more stress later. We try to eliminate any papers we don’t need each week and at the beginning of each year I go through our papers to discard any that we won’t need in the New Year.

In My Office:

For my personal papers I deal with them right away and don't let them sit. If I print recipes I hole punch, and put them in my Notebook. Most of my papers are in Notebooks on a bookshelf in my small office. I do have a filing drawer in my desk but it has a small amount of files, more Notebooks, and snacks. LOL

I have a list I follow on my Home Office Day which is Thursday's of what I need to do. My Errand Day is Friday so I spend time prepping for that.  I put anything I need in my purse, errand bag, or in my car if it’s a lot. I try to collect at least one grocery bag of stuff to donate each week to drop off and load it in my car the night before. I check my libraries website for what needs returned, load my return bag, and make online requests. My normal Friday Errands are thrift store, library, grocery, and household needs. I use a post it to list the places I need to stop in order of how I come into town.

Home Office Day Tasks:

Clean and organizing my office
Organize Desk and File Papers
Plan in and organize my Notebooks
Purge Magazines
Plan Date Night and Family Fun Time
Check prescriptions and call for refills
Make appointments and phone calls
Write letters, cards, and wrap gifts
Pay bills, do Checkbook, review Bank Account, and clean out Bill box
Work on my Blog
Organize School lessons, projects and make a list of needed supplies
Purge and Organize Old Homeschool Papers
Prep for classes and activities
Put holds on books at the Library and gather returns
Prep for Friday Errands/Grocery Day
Pack lunch and fill water bottles
De-Clutter purse have money for Errand’s
De-Clutter car and put a trash bag in car
Put donations in car
Put activity bags in car
Clean the fridge before grocery shopping
Take trash to curb

My On Going Problem Areas-


I had a magazine problem that I finished dealing with about 2 years ago after discarding most of them.  I organized the remaining magazines by title and made a stack of 10 that I had to read, cut out, and discard each week and it took me 1 ½ years to get through 8 large boxes. I now have an old wood Pepsi crate in my bedroom that I keep magazines in along with a stack in my desk drawer. I try to spend time each week reading them but if I get a stack of more than 20 I make a stack on my desk of at least 5 to read by the end of the week.

Homeschool Papers:
In my quest to eliminate most of the homeschool papers that we no longer need I disposed of one whole drawer of papers in our tall filing cabinet in the basement this past Sunday evening. I got drastic and threw the papers away without even looking through them.  It was worksheets that we never used so I took everything out of the folders and carried the stacks of paper to the outside trash can. I could not believe that one drawer took up a whole can by itself. I have 3 drawers to go and plan to do one drawer a week until its finished before I move on to another area that I store homeschool papers.  It will be harder because it is emotional clutter but I need to decide on how much to save of each of my kids work and how best to store it. I want it to be one small box per kid and it has to look nice.

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