Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Reading List

I had a huge stack of books that I borrowed from the library in November and December most of them Christmas Themed that I wanted to read before I started my reading goal for the year. In January that stack of books is what I read and most of next month’s will be also.

I have found that I really like to listen to audio books because I can listen to them on my computer as I am working on the computer, working in my kitchen, and in the car as I am driving. I can listen to most audio books in a day or two depending on how long they are and how long I am involved in the activities where I am near the audio player.

In January I Read:

A Dog Named Christmas by Greg Kincaid (audio book)

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury (audio book)

'Tis the Season by Lorna Landvik (audio book)

A Prairie Christmas Collection
Take Me Home by Tracey V. Bateman
One Wintry Night by Pamela Griffin
Image of Love by JoAnn A. Grote
The Christmas Necklace by Maryn Langer
A Christmas Gift of Love by Darlene Mindrup
God Jul by Tracie Peterson
Circle of Blessings by Deborah Raney
Christmas Cake by Janet Spaeth
Colder Than Ice by Jill Stengl

A Lancaster County Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Prayers of a Stranger: A Christmas Journey by Davis Bunn

A Wreath of Snow by Liz Curtis Higgs

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