Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Happy-Life

Being healthy means… I feel good in my body.

My ultimate late-night carving … is microwave kettle corn when I am trying to be good or chocolate cake when I’m not since its too yummy for my own good.
You’ll never catch me eating … anything in the frozen food department except ice cream, veggies, fruit, or meat, in that order. I don’t eat fried foods or frozen entrees I prefer homemade.
I work out because … I don’t want to go back to being unhealthy and fat. It doesn’t feel good and I have worked too hard to get here I don’t want to come undone. It is lots of fun if you do something you like, for me it’s walking, yoga, zumba, weightlifting, and a rotation of exercise videos.
The person who epitomizes real beauty is… anyone who feels good about themselves because it shows.
My favorite book to snuggle up with… is Fiction within the Genre of Christian, Historical, or Amish with a hot cup of herbal tea. I ordered a bunch of Christmas Themed books and audio books from my library at the beginning of November and have enjoyed several titles so far this month. I have quit a few boxes of tea flavors to choose from but I have been enjoying cinnamon spice and peppermint the most lately.
The number one rule for entertaining is… Clean, decorate, and prep food early so you can enjoy your guest and not be working the whole time.  I also like to have my family help so it is not a burden on me to host and we truly enjoy doing all the preparation together and have created lots of memories in the process.
My family makes me… crazy sometimes but we all love each other deeply.
I am absurdly grateful for… my God and my family without whom I would be nothing.
I spoil myself by… looking around my house and seeing what I haven’t enjoyed for awhile like watching the birds in my backyard, listening to praise music, watching a movie, reading, doing my nails, crafting, baking something. Sometimes I staying in bed all day on a Saturday reading and watching movies on the Hallmark Channel. I don’t do it often enough but it is relaxing when I do. (I noticed I said watching movies several times because for me someone who doesn’t watch TV regularly or movies it is a luxury when I do.)
My happy-life motto is… You can’t always change your circumstances but you can control your attitude, choose to be content and happy. Life can be painful, choose forgiveness.

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