Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mini-Goals for September

I thought I would make a few mini-goals for the month to help me get a couple things done.

1. The one "money/financial" mini-goal I want to accomplish/DO in September is to organize my fall seasonal notebook to include low to no cost activities and recipes that I can use over the next 3 months of the autumn season.

I started working in August on my fall notebook but didn't get it finished. It is now time to get this done so i can celebrate the season and not just let it pass without all the yummy foods or fun activities I like to do.

2. The one "house/home" mini-goal I want to accomplish/DO this month is organize my recipes and cookbooks.

I have had recipes and cookbooks on my list of things to do for a while now so I need to make a dent in that this month. I may not be able to finish this goal by the end of the month but I hope to atleast get to the half way point of completion.

3. My one "just for me" mini-goal I want to accomplish/DO over the next 31 days is to make a bucket list for my 40th Birthday in October to accomplish over the next year until my next Birthday.

I have been praying about what to include and what God wants for me over the next year and I plan to have a list to work from.

What are your mini-goals for September?

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