Friday, May 25, 2012

12 Week Health Challenge: Week 1 Update

Day 2 Tuesday May 22

As I embark on this three-month Health Challenge, what I am hoping to get out of the next 12 weeks?

In April – October 2010 I lost 60 pounds and maintained the weight loss until this winter when I gained 15 pounds because I let bad habits and lack of motivation to keep it up creep into my life. I started this journey to have a healthier lifestyle before I turned 40 years old which happens this October and now I have let myself slip. I’m 5 feet 2, my current weight is 140 lbs. and I would like to lose 10lbs.

Day 3 Wednesday May 23

Do you experience a mid-afternoon slump or a dip in energy at any other time of the day?

I do feel tired and need a snack in the afternoon. I am going to make sure I choose a healthy snack and not something that will make me more tired. I also plan to try setting outside to read in the afternoon, taking a 10 min. walk or listening to music when the slump hits. I don’t drink much caffeine but I am going to cut it out for a few days to see if that helps.

Day 1 Thursday May 24  (Late)

My energy level right now is a 3 and I feel like going back to bed. I worked in the garden a lot this weekend, and rested on Monday. On Tuesday I did a group community service project which included painted a large barn and yard work. I did do a cardio workout yesterday and today and plan to keep it up. I also have been setting outside more this week to get some sunshine while reading a book.

Day 4 Thursday May 24


I usually drink 2 cups of coffee or tea in the morning Mon-Fri. I don’t drink coffee on the weekends because my husband can’t stand the small of it. I know caffeine can potentially disrupt your ability get quality sleep at night but I am not sure my brands offers decaf but I will look into it. I plan to cut myself down to one cup per day during the week. I like to buy Flavored Coffee like Private Selection Kroger Brand, Folgers Gourmet Selections, and Starbucks. The ones I like the most are Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Truffle, Peppermint, and Pumpkin Spice. I like the indulgence of the special flavors without the added calories of creamers or syrups although I do add them sometimes as a treat. The suggestion to do one minute of aerobic exercise, which is said to give you the same kick as coffee, without any sleep-hindering side effects is interesting.

I drink mostly water throughout the day with a glass or two of unsweetened iced tea or hot tea depending on the season most days. I don’t drink very much pop but if I do I drink diet and mostly at fast food but I think I will start getting the diet caffeine free, at sit down restaurants I order unsweetened iced tea. I drink over the minimum of (8)-8 oz. glasses of water every day and some days I count to make sure.

Day 5 Friday May 25

Which of the Week 1 energy-boosting tips worked best for you? Get a head-to-toe checkup, Seek out some sunshine, Work in a walk, or Cut your caffeine habit.

Seeking out sunshine and working outside in my yard has helped me the most this week. I have been outside everyday doing some kind of yard work or relaxing and I even feel asleep reading on my back swing one afternoon. I even workout with one of my exercise DVD’s 3 days this week. I plan to only drink one cup of coffee each morning next week to cut down my caffeine.

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