Monday, August 1, 2016

KonMari Weeks 5: Bible Study

I'm working on Books during Weeks 4 and 5. 

Bible Study:

The bible study/devotional subcategory took a bit of time to gather. I have 5 locations that I store them. I find Joy in having them available when I need them. I didn't end up discarding but it was helpful to see what I had and organize them. I did decorate one of my Notebooks and added it to the shelf.

My Bible Study/Devotional supplies in my office. I decorated and added my Genesis Notebook to my shelf.

My Bible Study/ Devotional supplies in my end table in the living room.

My bible study/devotional supplies in the guest room. It gives Joy to sit on my bird themed couch and study.

My extra Bible Study/Devotional books in my china cabinet in the master bedroom.

My Bible Study/Devotional supplies in my master bedroom side table near my couch.

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