Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bedding Storage

I washed and organized all the guest bedding in storage, yesterday. I bought two bags to store the bedding in on Thursday for about $6 each at CVS. The first bag is bedding for our couch hide-a-bed in the living room. I couldn't fit the pillows into the bag but there was extra room in it. The second bag is bedding for someone to sleep on the couch. Our bedding is ready for guest and easy to get out of the closet.

I washed all the bedding in the master bedroom last Saturday. The crate is extra master bedroom bedding. I need to buy another bag for the master bedding but the store was out of stock. I don't think any of the other bedrooms have enough extra bedding to need bags. I didn't find anything to purge. I will purge bedding again once we get our youngest a bed larger than his twin, hopefully in March.

All our bedding that's not in use. I really like the bags since It keeps things together for each bed.

 The bedding for the couch hide-a-bed in the living room. I have a comforter, crochet blanket, sheet set, and two small pillow in the bag. The larger bed pillows wouldn't fit in the bag.

 The two bags of guest bedding in the closet along with the pillows.

The crate with extra master bedroom bedding and our sleeping bags. I hope to get another bag for the master bedding once the store restocks.

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