Friday, January 2, 2015

My Minimalist Journey

 January makes 4 yrs. I'll have been on this journey of Less. I'm ready to go to the next level in the New Year. I've finished my home, garage, shed, and most of my basement. I'm still working on the basement and my cookbooks/notebooks. I consider myself a rational minimalist as described by Joshua Becker. I don't feel I have arrived at the ideal of the ultimate vision I have for my home yet. I have a few more layers to peel away before I will be completely be content. 

I have the warm, cozy, welcoming home and not the bare home of a true minimalists. I want my things to be pared down and limited to what I love. I may have a few too many of the things I love but I'm OK with that. I like books and craft supplies. 

I need to do some maintenance projects on the inside of my home. I'm working on a list to get things started. The first up is to paint the bathroom. Once Spring gets here I'll continue to work on my Outdoor Space

I'll be excited to arrive at my comfort zone as to what minimalism means to me. Although, I'm wondering if anyone truly ever feels like they have completely "arrived". I get the feeling that their is always more to do even in maintenance. I'm looking forward to what 2015 has in store for me on my minimalist journey.

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