Monday, December 15, 2014

Simple & Frugal Christmas

I like to keep Christmas Simple and frugal. We spend a lot of time at home doing things as a family like watching Christmas movies, making gingerbread houses, making token gifts, and baking cookies. I prefer to give small token gift like baked cookies, homemade candy, or a small crafts during the month of December to people. I enjoy many Frugal Luxuries.

We have spend a lot of time volunteering as a family but after burning ourselves out over several years volunteering over 40 hours between Thanksgiving and Christmas we decided to cut back. 

I’m sharing a few links to previous posts I have written about Thanksgiving and Christmas. You will see a common theme in my posts "Do the holidays-NOT BUY the holidays!"

You may be interested my label Celebrating the Seasons were all my holiday post are located.

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